Quotes From Participants

Mask Work with MikeChase


‘The MHS is a unique training in anthroposophy with a focus on physical, emotional and mental well-being of ourselves and others delivered in a living balance that shifts from the essentially creative to the sharper world of pure thought based knowledge. After each module I drive home with a feeling of being part of something very precious.’

‘This seminar has been a strong bridge between the understanding of myself and of others. It gives the tools to bring into life the realization to see that we are our own mentors.’

‘A truly transformative process, facilitated by speakers who love and embody their content. All hold a very genuine desire to also be student as well as teacher. My work, my family and myself will benefi t from this course, both in its immediate impact and the impact of the seeds that have been planted and are yet to germinate.’

‘I really appreciate the structure of lectures, mythology, artistic activities, learning processes, digestion and exploration and development in intervision groups. It has given me further direction for future development.’

‘The seminar is the blossom of the different points of view, seeing psychology and anthroposophy in relationship to one another in order to build up a new way of understanding.’

‘The MHS has been a process of self-discovery — learning to understand more about my relationships to others. It has been a wonderful expansion of my understanding of different ways of being in the world.’

‘The knowledge that I have gained I carry with me into my work, giving me a new perspective on people I support; adults with learning disabilities, colleagues, parents and carers, especially from the perspective of attachment theory, incarnation into the physical body, understanding trauma, thereby contributing towards personality disorders.’

‘A nurturing and nourishing journey through mental health illnesses and disorders that give one strengths and insights into working with people.’