Medical Section of the School for Spiritual Science based at the Goetheanum; – and under Trainings details of the International Post Graduate Medical Training (in Anthroposophic Medicine) IPMT can be found:

Anthroposophic Medial Association and the Medical Section Council in the UK run the following web site which includes many UK educational events.

Patient organisation for the support and promotion of anthroposophic medicine and therapies: Patients Association for the Furtherance of Anthroposophic Medicine PAFAM was formed by users of anthroposophic medicine and therapies:

Centres for Social Therapy associated with the Mental Health Seminar:
Garvald Centre Edinburgh
Camphill Communities in England and Wales
Camphill Communities in Scotland
Nature Nurture

Anthroposophic publishers with their books and literature can be found under:
and journals under:

Various anthroposophic medical centres and individual doctors:

A residential clinic and registered hospital the Raphael Medical Centre:

Therapy trainings in the UK:
Tobias School of Art & Therapy, West Sussex
Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training based in Stroud
Information on eurythmy therapy:
Biographical counselling training
General Anthroposophy – The Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain

Numerous anthroposophic initiatives in the UK can be found under